Maya the Bee The Great Adventure

Name: Maya the Bee The Great Adventure EUR
Developer(s): Shin’en
Platform(s): GBA
Release date(s): March 27, 2002
Maya the Bee: The Great Adventure is a Game Boy Advance platformer. Kuu chose this game as his 5th year anniversary, an appropriate choice due to Kuu’s most hated enemy in games being bees, which have appeared many times throughout his years of let’s playing. The game is based off the Nick Jr. show, and not the original anime series. Because of this, it is a pretty easy game considering its age demographic. Despite this, Kuu played it because he thought it was relaxing and he liked the graphics. The gameplay is quite run of the mill for a platformer, though there are plenty of secret rooms scattered all across each of the maps. Something which Kuu disliked was the matching mini-game after each level, which he usually just skipped by submitting purposefully wrong matches. He also didn’t collect items such as cheese and super flowers, which would give extra chances for this mini-game.

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